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The work I teach is rooted in many somatic pioneers. Moshe' Feldenkrais and Thomas Hanna have had the greatest influence on my teachings and everything I teach has been birthed out of their pioneering work in the field of somatic movement and human development. I consider myself a lifelong learner. I believe humanity needs this work. It is about more than moving without pain... it is about FREEDOM.  May we all continue to grow in peacefulness and spaciousness through our somatic practice.  Peace, Theresa


Essential Somatics, CO


Somatic Systems Institute, MA



Gert VanLeeuwen,

Critical Alignment


Yoga North,

Duluth, MN



Solstice Yoga Centre,

San Agustinillo, Oax., Mexico



Ball State University,

Muncie, IN


2020 - Present

Midwest Clinical Somatics



2015 - 2020

Essential Somatics, CO


2016 - Present

Dr. Reddy's Pharmaceutical Company, Hyderabad, India 


Nantucket Yoga Festival

2012 - Present

The Clearing Folk School

2006 - 2015

Stone Path Yoga & Somatics



3 Year Clinical Somatic Educator Certification 2017




3 Year Clinical Somatic Educator Certification 2012





Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy Certification Level 4






Yoga North 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training - 2009






Solstice Yoga School 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training 2008







BSN in Nursing - 1992



While we figure out how to keep everyone safe with the covid virus still active,  I am  currently teaching Somatic Movement Classes online for anyone interested in diving deeper into Clinical Somatic Movement.  I am also seeing clients virtually and in person for private clinical somatic sessions.




Director of Program Development, Lead teacher for Move Without Pain: The Fundamentals of Essential Somatics, ESMTT Levels 1 & 2,  Senior teacher for the 3 Year Clinical Certification Program.  Mentor for movement teachers and clinical students.



Clinical Somatic Speaker & Movement Teacher for the New Horizons Leadership Program.






Workshop Presenter





Week long Somatic Movement Retreat that includes work with the Labyrinth, the Breath, Mandalas and Nature.




This was my Yoga & Somatic Studio in Sister Bay, WI.  This studio grew organically as my skills grew.  Here I learned to practice, teach, and conduct clinical sessions for hundreds of students over the years.  I retired this studio when I began teaching for Essential Somatics.

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