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Clinical Somatics for Scoliosis
For information regarding upcoming Scoliosis Workshops
              please contact Laura Gates, CHSE, CCSE 

New dates for Scoliosis Workshop to be announced soon!

Who should come...


Students: If you have scoliosis and are interested in learning more about scoliosis, your specific curves, somatic self-care movements to improve overall function; experience a 90 minute private clinical session with Laura Gates.


Teachers: If you are interested in learning more about scoliosis, assessment, self-care somatic movements; those who have attended any of the ES Somatic Workshops, any level of Somatic Clinical Training, or other professionals. i.e. Chiropractic, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists...


Practitioners: If you are interested in deepening your assessment skills, your ability to teach self-care movements specific to your clients curves, observe Laura Gates working with private clients, learn hands on enhancements for those with scoliosis; must have completed Module 3 of the ES CSE or another Clinical Somatic Training. Consult us if you have questions about your prerequisites for this course.

When & What...


Friday  9-6pm          FOR: Students, Teachers, Practitioners

  • Introductions

  • Basic Hanna Somatic movement Class

  • Introduction to Scoliosis: impact, theories, causes, somatic

  • Self-care scoliosis movements. 

  • Assessment of patterns/curves for each student 


Saturday   9-1pm     FOR: Teachers & Practitioners Only

  • Movement Class that reviews scoliosis specific movements

  • Breakdown and learn to teach the movements

Saturday    2-6pm     FOR: Students, Teachers, Practitioners

  • Scoliosis Clinic: Practitioners and Teachers are paired with students for coaching and learning.

Sunday   9-5pm        FOR: Practitioners & *Students receiving clinical sessions.

  • Clinical Session #1  9-11am

  • Debrief  11-12pm

  • Practitioner Hands on Exploration 12-1pm

  • Clinical Session #2  2-4pm

  • Debrief  4-5pm

  • Practitioner Hands on Exploration 5-6



*All students will receive a 90 minute Private Clinical Session with Laura Gates. Once you have registered, you will be sent a list of times to chose for your session. 

Laura M Gates, CHSE, CCSE, brings over 40 years of movement education background to her present work. She is an ongoing student of master kinesthetic anatomy teacher, Irene Dowd, NYC. In 2007 she completed her Clinical Somatic Certification. Currently she is a senior teaching assistant and mentor for Essential Somatics for both the ESMTT (Essential Somatic Movement Teacher Trainigs)  and the clinical practitioner trainings internationally.  Her specialty in working with scoliosis is reflected in her story below.


"I had a 25 year dance career, performing and then teaching, with a painful scoliosis, and a back that went into crisis on a regular basis. Discovering Tom Hanna's somatic techniques was a breakthrough for me causing measurable change in the curves, but most important, vastly improved function, stability, less pain, and self care tools for maintaining back comfort. I have been developing more strategies for scoliosis and adapting what I've learned along the way for my own self care and that of my students and clients." 

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