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"First off, what a great three days! I had high hopes going in, but now I am blown away by this work. Saturday night we had company over, and instead wine on the patio we had Somatics on the floor! Really great work, even greater with the instruction from all three of you.    now today.. gawd today. 


Today was a five hour hike up a mountain with 80 degree incline all the way up and all the way back down. The mind cringes of knee pain just looking at the peak of this mountain, but you know what, I feel wonderful (less abused) because of Somatic awareness. After about an hour of groaning from the descent, I had to stop and say "what is making this so difficult, what isn't relaxing and moving?!" As soon as I realized my hips and waist were bracing and straining themselves, knee pain fixed. 


Not to mention after a workout of that size, I'd be reduced to the couch for the day, with ice on the knees instead of a glass. I laid on the floor and did a few movements and immediately felt 60-70% better from the cricks and creaks. The potential of this work for athletes!  Instead of being glued to the couch, I was able to head right back out and take my daughter for a long walk to the park. Now that is the freedom advertised on the box. 


Really just want to say thank you, and I hope to really practice and grow with this work thanks to these three days. And best of luck in finding your own balance and freedom."                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                             – Andrew Montgomery



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