Camino de Santiago - Day 5

Today we walked through a beautiful wooded trail. I felt like taking my shoes off - at first I resisted, but the urge to walk barefoot remained strong enough that I could not ignore it. The earth felt wonderful under my feet. I walked alone - through puddles, over roots, on moss... I massaged my feet with the cool mud. I had to pay close attention to where I placed each foot. For 10 kilometers I continued without my trusty boots... It truly felt like I was truly "kissing the earth with each step."

9 years ago when I journeyed to Mexico for my Yoga Teacher Training, I spent the entire 4 months in the throes of panic. Try as I might - I could not seem to stop the strong sensations of terror that gripped my mind and heart. I was completely perplexed and spent many hours trying to understand what was happening. I saw a Shaman, I received Reiki sessions, I walked and walked and walked, I prayed, I meditated, I did Bach Flowers, I received acupuncture ... nothing seemed to relieve the sensations...

Today I was moved to tears to be in this magical place, to feel strong and present for this journey. I was reminded that nothing lasts forever. This is an illusion that causes us great angst. I am grateful for the peaceful moments... would I know the depth of this peace without having experienced such strong suffering? I don't know - but I am thankful.

Tonight - 2 large blisters - one on each foot and looks like I might lose a toenail!! Ah yes - nothing lasts forever...



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