Camino de Santiago - Day 12

Today I recorded my thoughts as they came to me while I walked. Buen Camino.

Today I am tired and I thought of taking a taxi - but I feel like I want to walk. The Camino ... it's now like each step follows the beating of my heart and every day I am more inspired, more grateful, more humbled that I am able to make this walk and to experience the earth in such a direct way.

Walking out of the city of Burgos - I think it is 180,000 people. The older generation sees me with my pack and my shell, and they stop to help me and wish me Buen Camino ... and it moves me to tears. I can't even describe the feeling ... it's such a profound sense of presence that we don't get to experience often in our busy lives that ask us to spend so much time focusing outside of ourselves. This is the experience I had hoped for walking the Camino ... nothing more than to have a stronger experience of knowing myself from the inside-out.

There is always a point - usually about 2/3 of the way through the day's walk when it feels like a long time before I will arrive at my stopping point for the night. The interesting part is that - at this point, I have to slow down, walk softer, walk slower, focus on putting one foot in front of the other... very different than my usual modus operandi...

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