Camino de Santiago - Day 13

My posts from this point on will be uncensored thoughts that I am recording as I walk...

Last night we ate dinner with a young gentleman from Brazil who walked the Camino in 2004 and he is doing it a second time. He said "the Camino changed me the first time..." I was thinking of his comment and how the Camino experience is one of unpeeling the layers of the onion ... we're not adding anything to our lives - but rather we are letting go step by step - we bring ourselves back to our true nature. We feel ourselves as we are - giant sensory organisms... somas.

Walking through a lot of mud and a lot of mud puddles today.... there are opportunities to walk around them - but often they are difficult navigational choices. At one point I just decided to walk right through them and it reminded me of Sensory Motor Amnesia, and how we keep going around the thing that is creating tension physically, mentally, emotionally in our lives - when really we just need to walk right up to it and let ourselves feel it completely - even if it seems like the most over-whelming sensation ... I've experienced this with the terror of panic - where it feels impossible and yet there is always something in me that remembers another possibility. I'm not sure why I have to feel such strong sensations... maybe for me, that's what it has taken for life to get my attention in the past and choose a different path - walk through the mud puddle - let the water start to wash the t