Camino de Santiago - Day 14

This morning starts off with a long climb up a very steep hill to the flats and rolling hills of the Meseta. I'm feeling very strong in my body - which is lovely. This is happening without experiencing pain. Step by step I grow stronger - not by pushing, but by pacing myself, listening, starting my day with my somatics practice, and using my body in a very functional way.

I have a dear person in my life who collects stones in the shape of hearts. Since beginning this walk I have been looking for a stone to carry for her as a symbolic way of being present for her, and to leave at the Cruz de Ferro - as her life is very challenging right now.

The Cruz de Ferro is a dropping-off place for burdens, supposedly -- and expectations. You carry an object with you - often a stone, it is charged with all the expectations or emotions pertaining to some personal issue or situation or struggle. You lay it down there, in a symbolic way you are laying that burden before the Cross. You are putting that situation in the hands of the Almighty, the Universe, the Camino, or whatever higher power you believe in. And then you WALK AWAY. You are not carrying that heavy load any more.