Camino de Santiago - Day 15

This morning I sat down for a late breakfast and one of the owners "Eduardo" brought me my coffee and asked to "sit down for breakfast with me to talk about life...." Well - how can I refuse such an invitation! Turns out he had lived in London, Ontario for 1 year - which is very close to where all of my family is. Because of this, his english is quite good. We talked about how life doesn't always turn out the way we think it will... he said in his heavily accented english "sometimes we just have to go with the wind."

I am walking now - what an amazing morning. It is so beautiful. Still on the Meseta so it is quite flat, there is just a little bit of nip in the air - perfect for walking. Thinking about Thomas Hanna describ-ing the Green Light Reflex or the Landau Reflex - this is the reflex that turns on when we are about 5 months old and we lift our heads on our own for the first time - at this point all of the extensor muscles of the back turn on and we begin the journey of forward movement. The Green Light Reflex is activated every time we are called to action. In his recording he calls it the "joy reflex" and I love that - there is a big smile on my face right now as I record these words - I feel joy as I am propelling myself forward in space.

I would say my predominant reflex has been The Green Light Reflex. I like to get things done. I have a tendency to stay busy - often too busy. Even though my busy-ness usually brings me joy, like anything - too much is too much. Restoration and rejuvenation are equally important. Hmmmmm... "healer, heal thyself..." This will be my life's work - to find the balance between work and relaxation.