Camino de Santiago - Day 17

I slept yesterday from 12:30pm to 5pm and from 10pm to 9:30am. I feel very rested. This is probably exactly what I need right now. My ankle has not changed - but has not worsened. We will see what a difference a day makes ... I will go find a Dr. tomorrow, if there is no difference.

I am being well cared for here at the Hostel Moratinos. Blessedly the owner Daniel speaks some English and has brought me a beautiful breakfast to my room. My laundry is now clean (all 8 pieces of it!!) so I have clean clothing to put on. I am spending my time listening to Thomas Hanna recordings and sleeping! Tomorrow, Terrie will catch up with me and we will see how to proceed. We are scheduled to be in Leon for Friday evening.

Terrie had a contact here in Moratinos who she called to bring over some anti-inflammatories for me and to check in on me. When Rebecca walked into my room I said "I know you..." She felt I was familiar also. She stayed and we chatted. She is an American living in Spain. As we talked and she described her life here and her interest in keeping the traditional spirit of the Camino alive, it came to us that I had stopped in at the Albergue' San Anton - a donation Albergue' that is open in the summer only and is housed in an ancient convent and hospice from the 11th Century. They were due to open that evening and found the old stove was not in working order. I had pledged to donate 30 Euros along the walk in the name of the Canadian Company of Pilgrims and decided this would be the perfect location! Ahhh - now we had our connection. Tears sprang to my eyes as I sat with this stranger who was not a stranger - another Camino blessing.