Camino de Santiago - Day 18

The view outside my window.

I just finished another lovely breakfast at Hostel Moratinos. The wind is howling this morning and the crack in my window reveals a chill in the air. Clouds fill the skies and give just a hint that there is blue and sun beneath them. This is the kind of weather that beckons me to make a pot of soup and while it simmers to crawl under a blanket at home and curl up on the couch with Pete and Lucy & Lily (our dogs). I have a pang of home-sickness run through me. Just enough to remind me that I am loved...

It would be easy to slip into a state of melancholy right now ... my body and my mind and my heart long to be on the Camino - walking. My left ankle is not much better this morning. The swelling has gone down some, but I still can only put a small bit of weight on it. No walking today.

Pilgrimage: any long journey, especially one undertaken with an act or quest of devotion; a journey to a place of particular interest or significance; life viewed as a journey...

So my pilgrimage continues... just not in the way I had envisioned. Will write more later... waiting for a visit from a doctor. Will continue my studies with Thomas Hanna.


Today I received acupuncture and an adjustment to my ankle. Tonight, I can put more weight on it. I am happy that Terri has caught up with me and we will stay on here in Mortinos tomorrow for another day of rest as she is feeling the need to stop also.

I was thinking of when I work with a client who has scoliosis. If they have leaned to the right for many years, when they release the tension and stand straight - they feel like they are leaning to the left. There is an issue with their sense of proprioception. Having had 3 days now to meditate on how I ended up with my ankle injury, and some episodes of anxiety I have to think that I am like that person with scoliosis. Only mine shows up in an inability to recognize when I am putting out more energy than I am taking in. I have decided to do an experiment and do everything at a pace that is 25% less than my normal. Instead of walking 30K, I will walk 20 (well at this point I will just be happy to walk!). Instead of walking at my normal pace, I will walk slower. Instead of not taking a break, I will take 2 breaks. I have asked Terrie to help me with this - as sometimes we need that third person perspective to help us recognize our sensory motor amnesia. I will keep you posted!