Camino de Santiago - Day 19

This morning, I awoke in a different way. Instead of bounding out of bed as usual, first I looked at my left ankle (still swollen, but less.) I sent it a blessing and I gave thanks for whatever today would bring. Then I gently began to move it in small circles this way and that way. It moved quite easily - no pain. I sat on the edge of my bed and place my feet on the floor. I carefully applied first 25, then 50, then 75, then 100% of weight on it as I stood on both legs. Ahhhhh, feels ok. I stood for a minute with my eyes closed and shifted the weight of my body to see where it felt spacious and where I felt tension. There is still a definite "hot spot" there... ok - now I am aware of it, now to take a step and support that tender spot. I plant the sole of my foot using the entire foundation - no pain, it supports me, I carefully take a few more steps. As long as I move slowly and with attention, I can walk - a little. I make my way downstairs with the help of the bannister for the first time in days. Daniel, the owner has a smile on his face as he see's me enter the dining room (he has been bringing my food to me.) Terrie has just arrived and we hug - happy to be reunited and looking forward to a day of rest. Later, we will make a plan for tomorrow. For now, I will sit on the balcony and let the sun restore me...

later in the day...

I spent the majority of the day listening to Thomas Hanna, sitting in the sun on the deck and visiting with Terrie. We have made a plan. Tomorrow we will train to Astorga. We will then have 10 days of walking approximately 20 km per day. We have reserved all of our lodging through to Santiago. I will walk what I can - perhaps 1 or 2 km... and then take a bus to our final daily destination. Each day will be different. Dr. feels there is a bone fragment that has chipped off and is floating around. I am hoping it will float to a nice resting place and I can continue my walk :-).

Little by little, this lesson of releasing my "plan" for my camino pilgrimage is settling into the cells of my body.



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