Camino de Santiago - Day 20

This morning I am stepping outside on my own 2 feet slowly... ahhhhhhh... my bag is packed. Terrie and I will take the train to Astorga. It's crisp out, 40F, the sun is shining. Little by little I walk, grateful... slowly... grateful... slowly...

I eat my last breakfast at Hostel Moratinos (for this trip) and I hug Daniel good-bye and thank him for all of his warm and thoughtful care during these lst 4 days. I tell him, "When I arrived here I was scared... you helped me to feel safe." We both have tears... Another Camino blessing.

Terrie sees the Donkey and runs downstairs ... we had talked about a taxi... and we're trying save money .... is she negotiating??? But they are on their way and we end up with a lovely taxi driver who takes us all the way to Astorga for a very fair price. This allows us to arrive with enough time to explore the beauty of the city and get needed supplies.

First stop in Astorga is the Farmacia. I get the supplies and do my best to channel my nursing years as I apply Voltaren and then wrap my ankle in a supportive way. Then off to the shop for new boots, a lighter day pack, and socks. I have decided to ship my pack each day as the extra weight is more work for my ankle. I will miss that familiar weight on my back... & I will add my hiking poles for more support as I walk.

As I walk down the streets in Astorga very slowly trying not to interfere with others as they hurry by... I'm walking about the pace of a 90 year old. I notice the older people looking at me... they can see that my gait isn't swinging freely and I am favoring my left leg. They lean on their canes, I lean on my walking sticks. We look at each other in the eyes and we see each other... We have a common bond ... this challenge to keep moving forward amidst the hustle and bustle around us.

We have arrived in Villa Franco - we are back in the mountains, the air is crisp. The old cobblestone streets greet us. Our hotel is tucked into a quaint old section of town right on the Camino. Tired, we tuck in after a luxurious bath.