Camino de Santiago - Day 24

I took this photo from the window of my taxi this morning leaving Sarria & heading to Portamino. Those are clouds down in the valley...

The Pilgrim

The sacred walk a pilgrim takes has called me from afar,

over seas to distant lands I answer an inner call.

Walking the trails the pilgrims walk - most times I walk alone,

I follow yellow arrows, and markers made of stone.

My eyes take in the colors, and the textures, so much glory,

at times they fill with tears that seem to wash away old stories.

My ears hear birds and leaves and drops of rain that hit the ground,

the swishing of my backpack, keeping meter onward bound.

My skin feels cool, then warm, now wet,

In youth I journeyed "tet a tet."

No destinations filled those days,

We hopped, we skipped, we rolled, we played.

The more I walk this pilgrim path, as quiet settles all around,

and when my legs can walk no more, and pain is calling out slow down!

My pilgrimage goes on I see,

the walk goes on inside of me.

Theresa Evans, May 4.2016