Camino de Santiago - Day 27

Tonight, I will vear a little off course from sharing my Camino experience ... but not so much. I have been thinking of my mother a lot today. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I know how much you would love the history of the Camino mom - the great Cathedrals, the relics of the Saints, the art, nature in all it's glory... I wouldn't really be here on the Camino were it not for my mother. She taught me that anything is possible.

My mom has always been full of great spirit and adventure. From her I learned to follow my dreams. That simply to try was enough. As I roam the great Cathedrals of Spain I stop in each one and say a prayer for my mother and light a candle.

I know you are slowly leaving your body mom - not the easiest transition, as a large part of you still feels like there is a lot of living to do - a lot of gardening to tend to.

I think about that as I walk. I know if my mother were able - she would be on this walk with me - in her own way, she is on this walk with me. I feel your presence mom, your love rides the winds and touches me lightly on my cheek when I need it most - as always, you are doing your best to support me in my chosen life. I want you to know that I feel your presence and I am grateful for you.

I remember the time you and Stephanie and Missy and I were riding up to Grand Bend and it came across the radio that Ontario had just passed a law that it was now legal to go topless ... you insisted that we all remove our tops and bras and celebrate our newly gained freedom. I am sure we made a lot of truck drivers happy as we rolled down the Highway 401, naked from the waist up except for seatbelts and breasts flapping in the breeze!

This sense of freedom and exuberance you taught to me. When I watched you plant a garden, I knew it was possible for me to plant a garden and grow something. When I watched you cook an amazing dinner, I knew it was possible for me to nourish others. When I watched you knit a sweater, I knew it was possible for my hands to create something useful and beautiful. When I watched you create a bowl on a potter's wheel, I knew I could be an artist if I so chose. When I watched you assist in the birth of a horse and slide your arms into the birth canal to ease the transition, I knew I could do something that I never thought I could do. When I watched you start your life over - I knew that new beginnings were always a possibility.

Mother-daughter relationships are complicated to say the least - I am both a daughter and a mother. There is no other person whom I love like my mother - other than my daugher. I love you mom, I am glad I chose you.