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  Keep moving in the comfort of your own home withVirtual Somatic Movement Classes. Movement reduces stress!  Somatic movements increase your ability to move more freely and with less pain.

Current Class Offerings

Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna and other somatic pioneers created a series of gentle, safe, and hugely effective movements that help to eliminate pain, increase movement, and improve flexibility.  During these classes, we are asked to work “smarter” as we reawaken sensory-motor pathways that let us gain full control of our muscles. When we have full control of a muscle – we can contract it to 100% if we need to, and more importantly – we then relax the muscle all the way to 0% contraction at rest.


All of these movements are already “hard-wired” into our system. There is a safe starting point for every individual. The old adage “no pain – no gain” does not apply when practicing somatic movement.


Weekly movement classes reinforce the work done in private clinical sessions, give you a foundation for any other workout regime such as yoga or hiking, and allow you to learn how to be your own practitioner as you get yourself out of pain and reduce stress using these gentle somatic movements.

These classes are suitable for everybody, whether you are completely new to a movement practice, are experiencing some pain in your body, or have a long-standing practice that you want to deepen.



People Are Talking...

Love everything we do in class - I have never felt better, stronger or happier! Thank-You! 

                                                 - K. Enquist, Sister Bay, WI

Remember that my life is way better because of you than it would have been otherwise.  I know that the practice I am doing now is what I need.  I steadily get stronger, finding more and more flexibility and looking at life more optimistically.  Not many people my age can say that.  This experience has taught me to expect more.  And while I don't know all that this means, will listen for the inner voice to let me know when change is needed.  I thank you for much of that. 
                                   - D. Nipper, Sister Bay, WI

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