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Somatics Private Clinical Sessions

One-on-one clinical Somatic sessions are the most effective way to begin to undo the effects of Sensory Motor Amnesia, improve muscle function, gain freedom of movement, and eliminate pain.


While there are often significant gains that occur during your first session, it is important to remember that we usually present with more than one reflex pattern and that several private sessions supported by your home practice may be required.  Each session will build upon the gains from the last session.


During the private session you will lie on a low, wide table and be guided into gentle movements.  These movements will involve assisted pandiculations that allow you to feel the area of contraction, and slowly and gently release the contraction with assistance from the practitioner.  During this process you are regaining control of the muscle at the level of the sensory-motor nervous system and re-setting the muscle length and function.


Once your brain “gets it” you will begin to sense more, self-monitor, and self-adjust to maintain your “new normal”.  This is the process of eliminating sensory motor amnesia.  With each session you will begin to create a “tool box” of somatic movements that you can use to maintain the change in your functionality.  Key to this process is your commitment to your home practice. 


Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in.  Avoid blue jeans, dresses, and skirts. For a complete class schedule, click here.


First Session - $175 – 90 minutes

•  Posture and Gait assessment; so we can determine which clinical lesson to teach you based on
    your reflex pattern/s.

• Thorough Medical History.

•  You will learn movements for your home-care that will reinforce the goals you set in your private                 session. Continued support for your progress in the form of clarification/ answering questions as they arise.


Subsequent Sessions - $125 – 60 minutes

•  Each session after your first will include

•  Complete hands-on movement lesson.

•  Review of previous homework.

•  The addition of new movements for home care important for that sessions particular lesson.


Skype session packages for distance clients

•  60 minutes in length   

    1  session   for  $75

•  3 sessions for $200

•  5 sessions for $325



People Are Talking...

"Thank you again for letting me sit in on the seminar. It was extremely helpful to hear you deliver it again, teach the exercises and see the bodies and the sort of hands on you did to help the students find the “magic”. This kind of support for the coaches is so important.

As mentioned, I enjoy your facilitation style. You are talented at connecting to your audience with your sincere, humorous and very “human” approach.  You seem to make everyone feel valued and listened to, even with our larger group of 20."                                                                         -Trish Breithaupt

You have no idea what an answer to a prayer you have been.  I've spent a small fortune on physio, chiro, acupuncture, massage, MRI's, ultrasounds, x-rays, etc. and no one has been able to determine anything other than my body is
hypertonic with no apparent physical cause.  One doctor told me that he has only seen this kind of tension in patients with cerebral palsy....not the kind of thing you want to hear!  Somatics is the only thing that is making a difference......subtle changes but changes nonetheless and something my body
hasn't experienced in 18 months.  To know that the "cure" lies within my own brain and body's ability is a revelation....  I think of this not only as an opportunity to heal, but an opportunity to grow and learn more so I can hopefully help others one day.  For forty years my body has been used to aerobics/dance and a fast paced exercise style.  To slow everything down is a total turnaround, but my body sure let me know I needed to. I have forgotten what normal and relaxed feels like but know that somatics will help me to relearn.        -S. Hall, Calgary, AB

Hi Theresa
Just wanted to give u an update on my results from our session.... I'm the one that got rolled by the bull.
I am sold on the somatics girl!  I started doing the arch and flatten, arch &curl, flower, hip hikes, the exercise you  showed me when you laid down on the floor to keep both leg lengths the same....So I find the best for me to remember is breath with the motion and motion with the breath.
But the best part, that made me cry with laughter is that yesterday, I can sneeze without cramping and seizing up, I can bend down way better and finding so much relief in little movements that those muscles are responding too. I can even bend properly to sweep the floor gatherings into the  dust pan. Every little new move I experienced was a burst of laughter for me, so I got lots of endorphins moving through my body😃😃😃😃😃  My hips even move when I walk, I feel them rotating.
My left leg doesn't seem so short anymore....So I just wanted to say, thanks so much🤗💕 it was a good session to go to with you.  I've been reading through that book and been telling all my friends about how this works!    Hugs,  Pat Pringle

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