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SomaYoga w/ Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy


Class Description: 

During this class we will incorporate Critical Alignment, Therapeutic Yoga and Somatics as we explore how to move into various asanas with spaciousness and ease.


The class will begin on the Back Strip, followed by the Back Roll and/or work on the Arches. The second part of the class will focus on somatic movements that will complement the asanas (postures). The last section of the class will be a gentle flow of movements that mobilize our spine in all directions.For a complete class schedule, click here.


This class is suitable for those who are familiar with the props of C.A.T. and the basic beginning yoga asanas.


Currently I am traveling and teaching workshops.  You can still experience the spaciousness and ease of movement that comes from a somatics practice by clicking here for class downloads for all bodies!