A  Somatic Movement Retreat

I will miss 2022 due to a schedule commitment. I fully intend to return to The Clearing in 2023.  

A 2016 Yoga in America study revealed that there are over 36 million yoga practitioners in the United States and 34 percent of Americans say they are somewhat or very likely to practice yoga in the next 12 months.   The top 5 reasons for practicing yoga include: flexibility; stress relief; general fitness; improve overall health, and physical fitness.  Navigating the yoga culture can be tricky with so many different styles available.  What if you could learn a practice that supported any activity you wished to explore – be it yoga or strength training, walking, cycling, or playing with your grandchildren!  

Somatic Movements teach us how to move with more freedom and more flexibility without pushing and pulling ourselves around.  We start by first sensing where we can move easily and where we are “stuck.”  To be stuck, implies that we have lost control of a part or all of the muscle and its helper muscles.  Using a technique called pandiculation, we will learn to gently release these areas that are stuck with gentle movements that are already “hard-wired” into our nervous system.

Surrounded by the beauty of The Clearing, we will explore Somatic Movement and other mindfulness practices that support increased vitality in every aspect of our life.  We will begin by learning the basic somatic movements that support our ability to move the spine in all directions. These somatic movements take us into and out of the patterns that are already wired into our nervous system. These reflex patterns fire when needed in response to life.  It is when one of the reflex patterns fires continuously in response to a certain stimulus that we can become “stuck” in this pattern.  An example of this is restriction of movement in the shoulder due to shrugging the shoulders up around the ears while the head juts forward when working at your computer.  The muscles that support shoulder movement have now learned to stay contracted in a certain way that restricts freedom of movement in other activities.  The good news is, you also learn how to release this tension.

Our week will include study in self-compassion and the guiding principles and philosophy of Somatic Movement.   We will explore walking meditation utilizing the beautiful labyrinth,  the artist within as we journal and use color, and movements to unlock areas of tension and explore a deeper and more peaceful way of being and moving.  You will be guided to practice in a mindful way that is appropriate for your body and functionality. Major emphasis will be placed on how to prevent injuries while increasing our ability to move with ease.


Mats and all props will be provided.  Bring your body, your beginner’s mind and a willingness to explore. This class is suitable for all levels. You must be able to lay on the floor and get up and down from the floor without difficulty.  (If you have injuries or health issues that you think might prevent you from participating, please contact Theresa through The Clearing.) 

Level: All levels

Theresa will contact students prior to class.

To register contact The Clearing @ 877-854-3225



People Are Talking...

I first want to take a moment to thank you again for the terrific class last week and especially for your passion for your work/calling – it really shows. To be honest, at first I wasn’t sure about the SomaYoga approach – it wasn’t what I expected – but, once I began to understand the ideas behind it I found it much more interesting.  Now I am ready to really incorporate it into a part of a lifestyle of health and wellness – and NO PAIN!!       -  Neil Alcorn

My life improves each time I enter the tree lined drive at The Clearing.  I add more amazing people to my circle of friends, and more teachers to be grateful for.  Thank you so very much for everything you shared.    

 -Dorothy Shueffner