Midwest Clinical Somatics & Stone Path Yoga

educational videos

To view a sample of one of the movements found in the classes, and see how one simple somatic movement can effect a change, please enjoy this video of Arch & Relaxation.

Somatic Movements for Lower Back Pain


Over 80% of the population will experience lower back pain at some time point in their lives. As this debilitating condition progresses, our quality of life is diminished.  This class targets the muscles of the back specifically, with important movements including The Back Lift.


Duration: 35.34 min.

Somatic Movements to Improve
Your Posture


This class is sequenced to focus on reversing the effects of long hours spent at a desk, in front of the computer, in the car, on planes, etc...  These movements will help you to reverse the slumping of the shoulders and forward movement of the head that can follow these activities.


Duration: 33.53 min.


Somatic Movements to Free the Waist


Tight waist muscles will limit your ability to do many important activities such as: walking, running, twisting, reaching, and breathing.  In this video you will learn a few simple and easy movements that will restore your ability to free the waist.  This class is of special interest to anyone who has ever suffered an injury or an accident, or has on-going hip, knee, or foot pain.


Duration: 33.44 min.

Dive Deeper Into the Waist

This class is a wonderful follow-up to Somatic Movements to Free the Waist.   It offers deeper explorations into the ability to twist and rotate from the center of the body. Explore this class after you have released the muscles of the back, the front, and the sides.
Duration: 45.17

Walking Freely the Somatic Way


As humans, it is our nature to stand upright and move forward in space. When sensory motor amnesia sets into the center of the body, the pelvis, and the legs, we can lose the ability to walk freely and swing our hips. This class provides a great starting point to effortless walking.


Duration: 33.58 min.


Comprehensive Somatic Class


This class targets the entire body: the front, the back and the sides.  It includes many of the most important movements from the sequence created by Thomas Hanna.  This is a great comprehensive class for those days when you have more time to explore somatic movement in a leisurely way.


Duration: 1:01